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Internet Eagle is a rapidly growing organization standing as a testimony to how well hard work, commitment, and team spirit can contribute to the success of an organization and its clients.

Robert Rea

Co - Founder and CEO

Deborah Miller

Head Business Operations

Hank Brooks

Full-Stack Developer

Tony Vintcent

Full-Stack Developer

Helen H Maestas

Graphics Designer

Randy Couch

Full-Stack Developer

Donald C Daley

.NET Developer

Carl Babski

Java Script Developer

Carol Visser

Digital Marketer

Karla Minnick

SEO - Specialist

Shirley Barrett

Mean Stack Developer

Bobby Sims

Full Stack Developer

Isaac Smith

Front End Developer

Wayne Perkins

UI/UX Developer

Gurpal Singh

Graphics Designer

Teddy N Romine

Layout Designer

Raymond Tapio

Backend Developer

Allan Jacob


Linda Long

Project Manager

Bobby Forzetting

Software Engineer

Joe Ruclinski

Application Developer

Earlene Ross

Android Developer

Jim H Parks

Programmer Developer

All Team

Programmers, content writers and more

Your business, our priority

Internet Eagle Work Ethics!

Internet Eagle, disciplined team works in close coordinated effort with clients, helping them to get their user’s biggest problems solved. Our client driven, data-driven methodology focuses around developing a seamless experience across all digital, physical and correspondences environments. Internet Eagle brand experience results in a significantly more reliable, effective, and important association with the client.

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We are a talented team of software developers that help you stay at the pulse of emerging technologies and meet all your custom software solutions. From software conception to installation, we are your local digital dream team.

Robert Rea, Co-founder and CEO


The Internet Eagle

Your business, our priority

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